Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting ready for Jeju/ First BLOG ever!

I was advised to set up a blog for my newest life adventure, although I've never blogged before in my life I promise I am going to try my best to leave my thoughts, comments, and life stories on here, as well as pictures! :) I hope this way those of you interested on what's going on can easily see and read about my latest and greatest!

For those of you who are completely lost as to what's going on with my life, or those I haven't gotten to share the news with, I'm going to Jeju Island, South Korea for 1 year to be an ESL teacher for mainly kindergarten students 3B Junior English Academy.

Here is a picture I found of JEJU and its location to south korea, china, japan

My leave date for the island is unkown at this point, but will most likely be around July 23rd, I will definitely keep you updated on that. I currently am trying to get things together in my apartment that will be going with me, those going home HOME (my parents house), and those that will need to be sold within the next month. I also am waiting to here back from the consulting agency at the Korea location for my visa number so I can apply and get interviewed, after these steps I will then be able to actually book my flight (and hopefully not totally freak out to the fact that this is real!!).

Although I am extremely excited for this new adventure in my life that is going to bring an amazing experience, I am also scared, nervous, and a little sad (okay a lot sad) that I am leaving my boyfriend, family, and friends for A WHOLE YEAR!

Hope you guys will enjoy this and definitely leave feedback and comments as it will be good to here from everyone back home! When I get more details of my leave date, address, and such I will definitely post more! to get more stuff accomplished!