Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's real now...

So I told you I'd keep you up to date and I seem to be doing okay at it. Just this week I finally had my interview at the Korean Consulate downtown. I'm not going to lie, walking up to the door and seeing that I would be the only minority in there kinda freaked me out a little since I didn't have a clue as to what the interview would be like. However, I ended up meeting 5 other Americans in the consulate waiting room all waiting to do the exact same thing as me. As my time came and went I realized the interview was nothing to worry about and the man doing the interview told me I was the lucky American of the day because I was the only one getting to go to the island of Jeju. He said I will absolutely be an amazing esl teacher and knows I will love and enjoy the island very much. So, as I went outside for Keith to pick me up it was a little bittersweet. Nice to know I had my visa and then again a little more nervous and sad as I know this begins our adventure apart for a year.. however I know we have to be strong and think positive and as much as I tell him this I will admit it is pretty hard to do! A year for me however should fly by, its more him and my family I feel bad for because they aren't getting to go on this adventure!

My plane leaves 1 AM July 22nd and I will be in the air for 14 hours before I have a little layover and back on an hour ride to the island. I will be arriving there about noon on the 23rd and will be picked up by my recruiters co-worker Jimmy who will take me to get groceries and money from the ATM and then my sleepy self is going to school to meet everyone on their last day before a week vacation. I will keep you posted more when time comes but as for now I'm just enjoying every moment here, and getting all the stuff on my to do list checked off one-by-one.

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  1. I am so excited for you and proud of you taking this huge step. Prayers and hugs,