Saturday, July 24, 2010

a new experience and some homesickness too!

Just able to use the internet long enough to update my blog. The internet in the apt. is only one cord and I am sharing the apt. with the girl I am replacing until her contract is done next week and she leaves in a week or two. It's sure tiny but its not bad to share, kind of nice to not be dropped off into an empty apartment, however, time doesn't pass quite as fast because I cant really unpack and organize everything and make it home-y yet. That would at least allow me to pass time quickly.

Now that I am here on the island and a full day down I am not doing quite as bad as the plane ride and my first day here. I caught the plane at O'hare at 1 am Thursday morning. While I was standing in line with mom, chad, gma, and keith to check-in it started to sink in that I was really doing it, it was completely real now. I went to stand in the security line and decided to wait a little and get to visit for a few last moments. I said by to Chad first and immediately the tears came shooting out. I love my big brother, he's been there for me so much during my move to chicago and I don't know what I would've done without him at times up there. I told him he better come visit me (and he said he's already looking at tix for october!!) Next was grandma, and then mom.. I know I am a daddy's girl but my mom and I do a lot together when I'm home. My move to Chicago kind of sugar coated this a little bit, but tears still flew down my face as I knew it wasn't going to be quite as easy to just pick up the phone for her to calm me down. What killed me was saying by to the man who I have fallen in love with in the past 3 1/2 years and who has done soo much for me.

The 14 hour plane ride to Seoul wasn't bad at all as I slept for pretty much the whole trip since I could kind of lay all the way down and put my feet up, a empty seat helps with that!! However, when getting into Seoul the 6 hour layover turned me into a frustrated homesick mess as I seemed to be the only foreigner there and couldn't get in contact with my family or Keith (somehow the two phone cards i had wouldn't work). I found an internet lounge and began typing messages on facebook and AIM so they would at least know I was there and then prayed that I would somehow find the strength to not just sit down and bawl in the middle of the waiting area. Someone must have been praying too because a girl came over to me in the gate waiting area and said I looked lost, sad, and miserable and that once i arrived and got into the groove of things everything would be okay. With a two hour delay on the plane to jeju I ended up arrive around 3 and Jimmy (my recruiters korean co-worker) picked me up and safely drove me to say to the people at my hogwan (private school) and then to my apartment.

I will be sharing my apartment with the girl I am replacing from Canada until she leaves in a few weeks and its a small studio apartment, but it's okay, better than having to stay in a hotel room by myself until then.

Although some jetlag still remains I have been able to already enjoy laying on two different beaches, korean chicken soup, amazing meat, wonderful fresh bread and pb!!, the creamiest original yogurt I've ever had, and of course the feeling of not knowing how to communicate at all..

Promise from now on everything won't be at once, but until I get internet on my own computer its limited. I wanted to put beautiful pics up from todays beach trip but for some reason the cord my mom bought before I left isn't right and I will have to go on a hunt for a new cord!

**Decided to come back into this post and add beach pics now that I found a USB that fits my memory cards!***

(haha a great laugh for everyone i'm sure! Lovely beach outfits!)

(Gettin' my feet dirty in the sand @ Hamdeok Beach (sp?)

(So beautiful and peaceful)

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