Monday, July 26, 2010

No, her name is Amanda, she is from America!!

haha, so today was the first day of classes at 3B Junior English Academy. I mainly just observed today but also got to watch how the kids reacted to a new foreign teacher, one from America and not Canada. Some of them were excited and weren't scared to come up to me, while others were a lil shy and not sure what to think of an American teacher. Today we didn't have kindergartners as they are already enjoying their holiday summer break, but we had the afternoon classes which are pretty much a range of kindergarten to first grade level in the US. I found that despite the language barrier the kids do understand and there are always ways to act out, or if desperate go to the handy pocket book to translate an english word to korean.
God really must work in wonderful ways since I was so homesick in the airport, yet walking into the school and simply seeing how it was set up like a small family of teachers working together, as well as how cute the Korean kids were really seemed to calm me down. Today has flown by so fast with the cuteness of them and the excitment of this new adventure that I really wasn't sad by any means. Yes I dearly miss my family, friends, and most handsome boyfriend, but I was able to just take a breath to know that my year from what I saw today should be fun, interesting, a great learning experience, and nothing to dread every single day.
Those of you who know of my last job know that I wasn't really that happy being in the retail world that I was in, a place where I felt I didn't fit in because I was different and somewhat felt unaccepted. However, I may look different here and not be able to speak the language, but feel higher than accepted, yet almost looked up to simply because I am different and I am from America.
I hope that this feeling continues and this experience will eventually lead to a job that I enjoy back home, a teaching job!

Hope all is well in the states, I'm going to go now and eat some supper.. for some reason I have a huge taste for some spaghetti!!

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