Friday, July 30, 2010

A rough one..

Sitting in my bed ready to fall asleep and make an end on this day. I guess I have to realize there will be good days and of course there will be the really rough days as well! Today was a really rough day, IDK what was different about it, but I think I just simply missed home and realized that when I was talking to Keith. I really miss him, but I think we both just have to try and stand strong and know that if we can make it through this year apart then everything else in life that we have to go through will be ten times easier then this and that we truly are meant to be!
Found myself today just constantly thinking negatively about being here, which didn't help the situation, and nothing I did seemed to shake it. I finally got out for a walk at about 2 pm today, tried finding an organic store in hope for some soy milk. Finally found the store, but no soy milk that I could see.. of course its hard to when I cant read the korean but everything looked to be regular milk, nothing with different writing liek the soy drink I found at the Family Mart.
Also found today that I was craving meat, something I rarely ate in the states to begin with. Couldnt seem to find nething appetizing at teh store, so I went with a boring salad and topped it with some wii, a workout, and then a pistachio ice cream cone- ugh it was a 40 cent frozen one and it sucked!!
Did find a nature area accross the street from my apartment, I took my journal and went and wrote a bit, trying not to let any tears fall out. Journaling seemed to help a bit, but also knowing bedtime was coming helped. I hoep tomorrow is a better day, it relaly should be! I am going to the beach to meet a bunch of foreigners, going with 3 girls nice enough to invite me along! Then, I am meeting another new teacher from Missouri for dinner, I think we are going to go try and take some homesickness out and chow down on some pizza!
Well, sry, nothing to exciting to say today, but look forward to tomorrow, I should have a lot of pictures to share, and hopefully some great news of a better day!
I miss everyone back home in the states!!!

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