Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking a look at the blessings around me...

So I have found that between Facebook, Skype, blogging, and my journal it is sometimes hard to fit it all in everyday. My brother Chad gave me a journal before I left so that I could keep track of memories, feelings, and ideas that popped into my head during my year abroad, and have truly found that when I am homesick and have those uncontrollable tears it is sometimes nice to pull out the book and just write.

Yesterday I woke up feeling a bit homesick, hit me towards the end of my conversation with my big brother when he told me I needed to make myself get outta the apartment and do something for the day. It's hard when I am new in a foreign place, I don't speak much of their language (hardly any at all), and on top of it my director made me come a week before I have my first day when everyone at my school is on break. Of course maybe she thought I would have time to meet people and try to navigate around the island some, but the two foreign teachers at my hogwon (private school) decided to use the vacation time to go to Taiwan, leaving me really lost and lonely.

Yesterday I was proud of myself, I left the apartment and went searching for a used bike shop, about an hour and a half walking and not finding a single shop I decided to go down a road full of American shops and then turn back around towards my apartment. I strolled through E-mart to see what I could find that I may need and then headed back to the apartment before heading in my first cab ride alone to Si-Chung (City Hall) to meet up with Kelly who got here July 1st and came thru the same recruiter as I did.

Waking up today though, I just didn't want to be alone, but after skyping Chad and Keith and both of them insisting I get out, I did just that. I put on my comfy shorts and tshirt and began in a different direction from my apartment then the day before, realizing I was headed back to City Hall.

I got about 45 minutes down the road when it started to sprinkle. Decided to head back before I got soaked and went to the store to get some needed groceries. I stumbled upon some instant iced coffee mix too which was dirt cheap, of course I had to have that!!

Amazing how the beauty of the nature around you can totally change your mood in an instant, and how interested I soon became of finding things to take pictures of. Here are just a few that I decided to share from my walk yesterday, the rest are in a photo album on my facebook account! :)

(Pretty flower on the side of the road... sorry its turned..)

(The sewer says it all... JEJU CITY!)

(At one point only this little boy ahead and I were on the sidewalk, so cute, just strolling along to school!)

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