Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess you can't complain about this kind of a life too much!?

Guess you can't complain about this kind of a life too much!?
Sorry to all of you who check this faithfully. I know I had promised a blog in teh middle of the week with some pics and didn't ever get around to it. Ashley (the one I replaced) left to go home this week so between spending time making her have a great last few days, cleaning the apt., and working I never got around to blogging... so srry!

So I am finally able to unpack all my stuff, clean, move things around, and try to make it look like my new home. Not sure quite yet how i will decorate without nails or what all i will do, just happy to finally be able to organize my clothes and my stuff and somewhat know where everything is.

Last weekend I had a great birthday shared with an amazing new circle of friends who genuinely care and love to have fun. I got to experience a birthday unlike any before, 5 day market, the beach and overlooking the ocean at night for dinner. I am starting to really like this place and hope this feeling really continues. Here's a few pics from my bday Saturday:
(my coworker Beth from Canada- the live seafood at the 5 Day Market)

(the view overlooking dinner--amazing-- we watched the sun set before our eyes)

Sunday we all woke up so tired we layed in bed for most of the day trying to get some much needed rest before the school week. Ashley and Beth are in swing dance so they invited me to go with them to meet people, see what the swing dance lessons were like, and to celebrate with them at the going away party for ashley. Had some amazing pizza with the girls and Ashley's korean friend Touchy, and then had to go eat meat with the swing group. Afterwards I was exhausted and was just wanting to go on a small walk but they all wanted to go do some Karaoke and so of course I joined in. Karaoke here is so much more fun, and more my style then at home. You can go to what is called a noribong (sp?)= u get your own private party room with a huge tv screen and karaoke machine. Basically they bring complimentary korean snacks and you can sing all night long and have fun with a group of friends. Very hesitant at first but eventually got into it, still not singing by myself though- I didn't want to scare anyone away from me!! I managed to get a few pics of that too before my battery died.

(the crazy kids of the group: beth and ashley with their korean friends from swing)

(singing some great English songs)

Monday, August 9, 2010

slacker.. sorry will post soon I promise

Lots has gone on this past weekend with my birthday here and also Ashley's many going away party's. Meant to bring my USB to work to upload photos at lunchtime and post a new blog but forgot the USB this morning since I didn't want to wake up.

I promise I will post tonight and upload the many pics from the weekend, I have a lot that I believe people will want to see and hear about.

Life here is getting so much more comfortable to be my new home and I am so lucky to already have a great circle of friends...

for now I need to go back to work and work on my Hangul reading skills..

will post later tonight!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally, my career is here!

Sorry I haven't been able to write the past three days! I actually have been really busy teaching at school. The first three days have been going really great! I am learning all of their names slowly but surely and just trying to observe how each student acts in class, their strengths, weaknesses, and trying to think of new ways to teach them the skills they may be lacking.

Thankfully at my school they give each student their own english name that they go by when they are here, usually something similar to the students Korean name, but sometimes just a name that the student prefers to be called. Really neat to see the names they are given, and hoping to one day get the chance to name one!! I am sure I have a few names I could think of depending on their character and personality.

The school is set up a little bit differently than the states. I dont have my own classroom, however do have my own desk and share a computer with an afternoon teacher, which is great! each day I see about 5-6 different classes. The mornings are simply Kinderargten A (3-4 yrs. US age) called Sprout, and then (5-6 yrs. US) kindergarten class called Fruit. Then, in the afternoon I have my intermediate classes which range for me from 1.2 meaning First Grade Unit Two to 1.4. The curriculum we use it mostly curriculum used in the states as well but teachers have to share teacher books although students all carry their own book each day and are allowed to write in each book that they have. Although a bit confusing because I will only see my students 2 or 3 days a week and the other teacher sees them the other days; meaning we hve to really work together and try to really stick to the monthly schedule put out for each month for each class.

Really enjoying teaching and know that this experience will make teaching in the states a breeze! Not only am I having to incorporate my own activities into the story and grammar lessons but also having to come up multiple ways to even say what I want to say until they understand what I am saying. What I find to be extremely facinating to watch is when one student in the class understand what I am saying and then immediately gets excited and tells the rest of the class in Korean what I mean. What an awesome sight!!

Still missing home, but finding that with teaching I am able to fly through each weekday with skyping, going to work, eating dinner, and exercising. Hoping to start some 6 am runs next week after Ashley is gone since i hate having to wake her up at 7am, let alone 6! I am hoping I can get up on training to complete the Mandarine Half Marathon here in November.

Hoping to get some pictures up soon of the school, but until then my stories will have to surpass! Miss everyone back home and you don't understand the excitment I receive when I find an email or letter in my mailbox.

For those of you who have the time and would like to drop me an email or mail:

Amanda Randolph
2-224 Marchen House
722-2 Nohyong Dong
Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A second weekend down...

Well-- this weekend was great, well yesterday was so amazing and up until about 2:30 was great today, now just sitting thinking about home.. neways.. save the sad stuff for another time, for now its the weekend!
Saturday was amazing-- woke up and skyped everyone back home then headed to meet the girls who invited me to Hamdeok Beach with them! We kinda missed the bus (whoops!) and decided the wait in the sun for the next was too long, so we took a cab!! IT was so hot out we were all dripping and couldnt wait to set down our stuff on the beach, strip to our swimsuits, and hit the water. IT was soo much fun, despite the roasty red color part of me turned, but definitely worth every bit of it! We even decided to rent a little blow up boat with oars so we could go out into the ocean, however, I spent most of the 3 hours I had there in the ocean swimming nad just floating along since I thought the water was way more fun and felt a heck of a lot better then the sun baking my skin! Tons of foreigners came out to the beach so it was nice to get to see so many new faces and meet a few that weren't too involved with their friends and cliques to come say hi and introduce themselves. I had already made plans to eat some pizza at dinnertime with another new teacher from Kansas.. the pizza place was amazing, more authentic italian and made in a brick oven. Wish I would've been brave enough to take a picture altho I'm sure there will be a next time. They were totally awesome, we talked for well over 2 hours and by the time I got back to my apt. was so tired from the sun I barely said much to mom on skype and passed out!

Today- Sunday I woke up kinda early because I really really really wanted to skype keith. (It's so hard to be away from him), then went back to sleep until a normal hour to wake up and talked to mom and chad quickly before I needed to head off to play soccer down teh road. Soccer is my worst sport but I was up for the challege and was looking forward to meeting new people and getting some great exercise. It was scorching hot out and since I was burnt from yesterday did decide to put on some SPF 30 today so i didn't turn into a tomato and my kids laugh at me on my first day tomorrow! We palyed for probably a good 1 1/2 hours and then all were so pooped out from the sun decided to call it a day. Was so excited to finally splurge on some PB and made a nice PB sandwich for lunch! I was so excited I even took a pic for ya! Since then I've just been laying around, talked to keith again for a bit and just been doing things around the apartment since I'm kinda pooped from the weekend and it feels nice to be outta the sun for a little bit. Tomorrow is my first day at school, so wish me luck, and I pray that with school in session now my time here will go a little bit faster!

I keep telling myself just to make it until october when chad is hoping to come, and that will be the 1/2 way mark for 6 mos... we will see when january comes, , I 1/2 joked today with Keith and said I could come home after Janaury and only have to pay for a plane ticket. I think he said he would be so happy he would probably pay for it just to get to have me home. We will see- everyone here says they said the exact same thing in their first few months but that I really have to wait to make that decision until Dec./January because then I will really know if I like it or not- if not, i've decided I wont make myself miserable adn will just have to find a job until the end of the school year back home and then hope for a teaching job the next.. trying not to think about that though right now- but then again some days I need to remember, If i hate it I CAN come home in 6 mos. and still have enough money to make it through. Keep the prayers coming, I can really use them!! As you see, some days have been a lot better for me than others!! Just gotta hope for the best I guess!! Miss you all!