Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess you can't complain about this kind of a life too much!?

Guess you can't complain about this kind of a life too much!?
Sorry to all of you who check this faithfully. I know I had promised a blog in teh middle of the week with some pics and didn't ever get around to it. Ashley (the one I replaced) left to go home this week so between spending time making her have a great last few days, cleaning the apt., and working I never got around to blogging... so srry!

So I am finally able to unpack all my stuff, clean, move things around, and try to make it look like my new home. Not sure quite yet how i will decorate without nails or what all i will do, just happy to finally be able to organize my clothes and my stuff and somewhat know where everything is.

Last weekend I had a great birthday shared with an amazing new circle of friends who genuinely care and love to have fun. I got to experience a birthday unlike any before, 5 day market, the beach and overlooking the ocean at night for dinner. I am starting to really like this place and hope this feeling really continues. Here's a few pics from my bday Saturday:
(my coworker Beth from Canada- the live seafood at the 5 Day Market)

(the view overlooking dinner--amazing-- we watched the sun set before our eyes)

Sunday we all woke up so tired we layed in bed for most of the day trying to get some much needed rest before the school week. Ashley and Beth are in swing dance so they invited me to go with them to meet people, see what the swing dance lessons were like, and to celebrate with them at the going away party for ashley. Had some amazing pizza with the girls and Ashley's korean friend Touchy, and then had to go eat meat with the swing group. Afterwards I was exhausted and was just wanting to go on a small walk but they all wanted to go do some Karaoke and so of course I joined in. Karaoke here is so much more fun, and more my style then at home. You can go to what is called a noribong (sp?)= u get your own private party room with a huge tv screen and karaoke machine. Basically they bring complimentary korean snacks and you can sing all night long and have fun with a group of friends. Very hesitant at first but eventually got into it, still not singing by myself though- I didn't want to scare anyone away from me!! I managed to get a few pics of that too before my battery died.

(the crazy kids of the group: beth and ashley with their korean friends from swing)

(singing some great English songs)

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