Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy.. fast-paced life= my island kinda life right now.

Sorry I've neglected this blog, knew time would come for that to happen-- to tell you the truth though I didn't know what to say and didnt have any pics until this weekend.

Was just chatting with Beth on the way home from school today about how fast time flies here. I can't believe its already been almost 6 weeks here. It seems like just yesterday it was sunday night and I was complaining to a friend leaving how I didnt want to go to school and how long the week was going to be. Finding that to not be so true here!! Not a bad thing that work has flown by, but a little sad this week since two friends are leaving. I have only known them for 6 weeks but with one it seems like we have known each other for longer, we just have clicked really well and seem to have so much in common! Hope we meet again, who knows maybe after the winter Jeju will be calling their name again!

With time flying and people leaving I feel it only makes me realize some of the great things in my life and great things not in my life yet that are out there waiting for me to take a part of, opportunities I may not know of yet but sure am excited to see in a year!

Last week was a few celebrations being it was the last weekend Kiara was going to be in Jeju as she is going back to Canada tomorrow. We decided to go out and celebrate by dancing and going to a noribang (a karaoke room). Couldn't really go to the beach the past weekend because of all the rain but managed to find other things to do to keep busy and enjoy our time off work! The rain has finally stopped for the moment, and hoping for a nicer weekend this weekend so i can get some much needed sun and beach time!!

Since my last post not too much has changed. I am realizing how much I love it here and findiny more and more things that make me love it! So far I have tried so many new things from driving our scooter (yes we got it on mon. night!), to going on buses and taxis alone without knowing much korean, to eating chicken hearts, sushi (tonight!!), raw squid, dried fish jerky, and tofu. Need to note that I loved it all except the dried fish jerky which was just a little too fishy flavored for my liking, and the raw squid because it was just way too chewy.

Feel I've broadened my horizons so much by hanging out with other people from all over the world I've learned many different cultural differences as well as opened my eyes to many new things I wouldve been too scared or nervous to do in America. Here I am not scared to walk down the road one bit at night by myself, at home I hated even going into my apartment at 10pm. Hoping these new opportunities continue to come my way as I have so many more months here, so many new things to try and enjoy, and soo many new friendships to be made!

Last weekend while we were in City Hall us girls met a guy who is working in Australia, from South Africa. Started talking a bit because he was wondering about some of the tourist-y things that were fun here on the island. As we continued to talk I was amazed because he told me how he has been to all 7 continents and has ran a marathon on each. Checked out some of his photos and the places he had been to seem to unreal, especially Antarctica, how close he could get to the animals there. I realized how many more opportunities and places are out there that I didnt even know were possible to see. His stories of traveling the world were such an inspiration to me that anything is possible and how much more open I need to be to experiences that come my way.

Time can only tell what God has in plan for my life-- for now I am going to soak up as much sun as possible, sit back and make friends, and just have fun with my kiddos everyday at work!

I did manage to capture some great photos from this past weekend... Beautiful view of city, but notice the clouds-- it poured all weekend and week... hope to get pics from Beth's b/f TJ of Friday night hanging out, I was absolutely dripping wet- couldve rang out my shirt!!

Caroline, Kiara, and Serenity singing at the Karaoke room (Noribang) sp?

Sachen (from chicago!), jacob, rob, me, and TJ (Beth's b/f) at Noribang

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  1. HI Amanda,
    It is so wonderful to see that you are really enjoying life there on Jeju. I am impressed that you are so open to trying new things and feeling happy there now.