Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Adventure

This weekend was amazing!

Although a bit sad that a great friend left to go travel thailand and the rest of asia before returning home to England I did manage to spend an amazing weekend with him and the rest of our friends. Didnt realize how much of a best friend he really has been for me in the last 6 weeks until it was time for him to go. Hoping that his pinky promise to meet up again in March will come true as he is hoping to make it back to mainland Korea.
Friday night was a chill nite, just hung out oustide of the apartment on the porch and talked with friends until 12-1 in the morning. Saturday went for a bit of a run/walk with Beth and my new running partner Gret from Iowa (been on a few runs and feel so good to be back into it!) and then off to the southern part of the Island to a place called Dannaeko. Took the bus there winding around the roads and an hour later walked to the beginning of the river to climb the river rocks that leads up to a huge waterfall.

Of course I had never been water rock jumping up a river like Beth and Caroline had before and wasn't quite as prepared! Brought my pumas but realized they were a bit to bulky and decided that barefeet was going to be the best option. Rob and I later realized how much that sucked though as we had freezing feet and had to scream when walking on the smaller rocks when the water was just too high. My experience I knew was going to be interesting, the first rock I jumped onto my cell phone flew outta my bookbag and into the water. Picked that up and took it apart and in my bag and kept going! Then, the girls thought it was be cool to take a photo on a rock pretending to be amazon women swinging from a vine. Beth and Caroline both took there pics and then my turn i went to put my foot onto the rock to balance and look like I was in action when I became in action quickly and fell off the rock. They thought for sure I had badly hurt myself, broken an arm or leg or something but thankfully just some bruised shins and an amazing pic that somehow Rob captured.

After falling off I decided I needed to put back on my pumas as I had some sore feet from landing. Climbed up through the woods a bit, slid back into the water on my butt and then managed to get my foot stuck between two rocks. Really wish Caroline had been there for a candid moment of Rob and I frantically trying to pry my foot out but they were long ahead of us. Somehow he managed to pull it out and on our way up teh river. We stopped about 300 M from the waterfall, climbed up to the real path that normal people take and saw the amzing waterfall and relaxed! An adventure but a great one!!

In hindsight I think we allr ealize how dangerous the trek was up the river but we really tried to be the smartest we could about things and in the end had an amazing time! Truly a great bonding experience for us all and something that we can all look back upon as a last time hanging out with Rob.
Me, Beth, Caroline freezing our butts off in part of the river.
**Will ad some more pictures from my own camera later tonight- at work so just took what I could from Caroline**

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