Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbyes are never easy...

Had to say a lot of goodbyes already since I have been here. It sux, but the way of life here when people come and go- some for just a few days visiting, others just finishing their year contract and ready to move to the next place.

This past week I got to spend with Chad, it was nice to have my big brother around me for the week. Got to travel and do the tourist-y things I hadn't gotten to do yet. We had a blast walking for hours around the coast seeing waterfalls, beautiful cliffs, and water rock climbing to name just a few. Feel like we did SOO much in a weeks time that we both are literally wiped out- for me I have the stupid sinus/throat thing back for probably the 4th time already- hoping it goes away soon to get back to rnning daily and training for my half marathon on october as well as the vball tournament.

I think Chad hated to go, he fit in so well it was almost scary as people just thought he was a new english teacher just arriving and already with a new group of friends. Some people thought we were a couple just assuming since we were the only blondes in the room, but that happens in the states too! Although we might've gotten on each other nerves towards the end of the week, it was truly an amazing time- my apartment although is a lot cleaner now but hard b/c of it being so small adn having two people in there- think at one point I had a beach in my room!

Now, its back to reality- work week- gonna be a rough few weeks I think getting back into the swing of things and not being homesick after he has left but thankfully I have amazing friends who will stick by my side, cheer me up, and get me through week after week.

We took soo many pictures this week- think it was a total of 180 because of all the beautiful and intersting things we saw, and yet didnt get to capture everything!! The memories are in our heads and that is the main part. I am going to be working on a new blog I think, one that I can customize a bit more and have photo albums so that people can see everything and not just a few favorites here and there. Will probably have to work on it during my breaks at school though as my computer here is a bit slower-- maybe in a week or so I will have the link up and be able to keep up the blog a little better-- just feel there isn't enough time to do EVERYTHING i wanna do! :(

Hope all is well wherever you are and definitely keep in touch- the emails and postcards seem to be dwindling by each week!!

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