Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year- New Goals, Hopes, Thoughts....

Ok-- so I totally sucked at posting in my blog the past 4 months of my almost 6 months here-- one of my new years faithfully, even if its just twice a week a quick note and a quick thought it's still better than nothing!

I guess I didn't realize how many people actually read my blog and how interesting some of it actually was....

So, a quick recap of what's happened the last 4 months:

1.) Ran a 2nd half marathon since my time on Jeju- beat my time from the first one by a whole 8 minutes! Pretty happy about that despite how horrible awful the last 2 miles of the race as.

2.) Started Swing Lessons at the beginning of October. I'm the only foreigner that attends the lessons and was nervous at first but am in love with it now! Had my first performance on Christmas Day where some of my best friends here on Jeju came to watch me, laugh at me, and support me! Jitterbug was awesome but now I'm starting Lindehop which seems to be a lil more up my alley! ( Faster!!)

3.) Definitely saw a change in my teaching habits here and my classes have turned around quite a bit. Some of the kids I thought hate me have turned around and told the Korean teacher how much they love teacher Amanda.. yay!! (and yay for getting a hershey's dark chocolate kiss everyday this week from one of them! )

4.) Started some language exchange nights with a korean friend- learned a few important rules and phrases and now have stopped, yet looking for another place or person to pick them up again since I really do want to be able to speak more of the language!

5.) Got my hair chopped off.. never this short before and freaked out at first but now that its growing an inch or so I almost wish it was shorter again already! Realizing how easy it is and how much fun it CAN be!

Had an AMAZING WHITE Christmas vacation in Seoul and Jeju with my mom!! I felt bad because literally days before she came I came down with an awful cough. However, despite it being freezing cold and me coughing my face off we had a great time! Didn't get to do a lot of tourist-y things because of the weather but she assured me she was just happy to get to see me and spend time with me! We did a lot of shopping in Seoul at H&M and Forever 21 where I finally got some new jeans that fit me and some new warmer tops that fit a lot better than some of my old. She brought me some amazing presents from home from Christmas, pics of Wrigley (since i miss her so much :( ), and then we came back to Jeju for 3 days where we hung out in my apartment, shopped some more, climbed a small peak, and watched Hachi (great movie!) Sad to see her leave as she was upset to have to go, but assured her she will HAVE to come in the summer with dad to see the island more when it is beautiful and radiating with light!!

Which basically leads me up to now! Although my start to the new year consisted of me saying goodbye to my mom and not having my 2 best Jeju friends here (back in February tho :) ) I slept 14 hours due to the bronchitis and then woke up feeling a bit still under the weather but persistant on getting out to indoor volleyball and Yoga. Surprisingly was fine at volleyball and actually like my friend Sarah's yoga class! The one time I saw/attempted to do yoga I was horribly bored and uninterested but definitely feel I will be joining her yoga class quite often. This week was a bit horrible at work because of my never ending cough and troubled breathing at times but we made it through the first week of having 4 new teachers and me being the one of two teachers returning after the small holiday vacation. And although I have most seniority=a lil more work, things are going great and I can already see a huge difference and turn around of the working environment! It's great to be happy again at work because the people you are working with are so kind and caring! Liz came last week to replace Beth and will stay when Beth returns at the end of February. She is from England and took over Beth's apartment (haven't quite told her about the "window chats" that seem to have been a tradition for a while), but once its not freezing out I am sure we will once again start back up the tradition of screaming to each other through the windows instead of the simple pick up of the hand-a-pone!

Looking to get back into the gym and start some more hardcore training and exercise as soon as this bronchitis leaves my system. Promised myself that by beach season I'd have an awesome swimsuit body and now am thinking hard about training seriously and running my first full marathon in June. Why not?? Will be a bit challenging doing it alone but maybe I will find someone to join me along the way, and definitely a challenge I keep putting off because of stupid reasons. A new year means a new challenge, a harder one- and I think once I'm feeling better I will be up to conquer the challenge!

Off now to get some coffee at the coffee shop with a friend and catch up a bit, feel like an old lady lately going to bed a bit early and staying in my apartment trying to find new and creative things to do... So far I have only downloaded some movies, cleaned a small portion of my apartment, and designed some new artwork for my walls...

Until next time, I will leave you with a quote my mom brought me from home to put on my wall.. Don't think she could've brought me any better advice..

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams"

...... starts to really make me excited for what the future holds, and definitely is getting me to seriously think about creating a tight budget in hopes to one day in the near future get back to India and teach, maybe some overseas mission work is really what God has planned for me!?

Until then...