Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out with the old, IN with the new!

    So it has been a month, yes, a month when I said I would conquer putting off my blog and would be more of a faithful writer.  I failed somewhat, though a message in a month isn't quite too shabby when I feel I'm not just a teacher by day but a zoo keeper trying to entertain bored, misbehaved students at hours at a time.  By the time 5:20 comes around and I get home I want to workout, eat dinner, write a few things down in my book and go to bed preferably before 1am!   Hoping to get better at this blog as I'm soon realizing my love for letter writing and expressing myself through writing.

    The weather, crappy and cold, my attitude following- crappy, cold, unpleasant....

    Though getting a few breaks here and there of sunny days, the weather in February was quite cold and miserable, and work wasn't too far behind-- busy, stressful, and at times miserable as so much final touches had to be made to the 7 year olds graduation ceremony Friday February 26th.  Books finished, artwork sent home, photo memories put together in an album, speeches, plays, sign language.. the whole shabang had to be finished before the big day leaving my coworkers and I pretty stressed out.  Made up for it thought on Friday as everything seemed pretty much perfect for their kindergarten graduation (well, all but the first year 6 years olds, western age 4, running around the library room during grduation shaking their butts to parents, running accross chairs, and a bit of complete chaos with them due to the lack of discipline at school.  Other than that, the teachers play "The Gruffalo" went pretty good for hardly practicing, my work in teaching the children sign lagnuage to a song paid off in the end, and my tears held back (BARELY!) during my speech given to my 3 favorite students...

    Aside from work I have been finding myself in more of a chill state of life, something I'm finding to be more beneficial, more cost-worthy, and actually most of the time more fun then going to City Hall all the time.  Instead we've been having people over for movie and at times wine to go with it.  Good to have a place where everyone wants to be, though a bit crazy at times when you really just feel like sitting down pulling out your computer and typing in the blog, or just chatting with friends and family from back home!!

    Caroline and Beth came in last week, though Beth headed to the mainland to teacher, after only a few days here, Caroline here for the year to make so many more amazing memories!  And, while she is back, Serenity, Jack, Sachen, and a few other of my friends are leaving to go home for a bit.  Though it's sad I will be missing them while they are gone, I am sure to see Serenity again in a few months, and hopefully Sachen too after the year is finished and he realizes his love for Jeju!

    Liz and I and the lovely apartment seem to be getting along great!  Though we had to take a few cold showers this month, hope to be sorted and that a done deal!!  Many Bachelor nights have been created as we watch season 15 as it is aired in the states.

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